KISS Reigns Supreme

KISS, yes KISS the classic rock band from back in the 70’s is still thriving. They just announced today that after their 40th anniversary tour concludes this summer that they will be residents at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in November. 

This band is still making more money 40 years after they formed than most bands can even fathom of making. They are geniuses. They have been putting on an amazing show from the beginning, and now it has evolved to the band arriving on stage on a big metal spider. Their shows are amazing, and their Vegas show should be something special.

If you’ve never seen a KISS show, book your tickets now. There will never be a bigger and better show. 


Nov. 5
Nov. 7
Nov. 8
Nov. 12
Nov. 14
Nov. 15
Nov. 19
Nov. 22
Nov. 23

Check out the full release here: USA Today Kiss


Quote of the Day

“Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort? Nobody can judge that. Because effort is between you and you.” -Ray Lewis

Artist Profile: Yung Jake

The internet is full of creatives out there, but one who is on the rise is Yung Jake. I first heard about him from one of my favorite blogs, Illroots and was very impressed with his talented. He raps, does art and makes fantastic music videos. His creativity and style is very unique.

His website is very visually appealing and he even has a phone app. Jake has a lot of content. Keep tabs on his work through his various sites.
Yung Jake’s Tumblr

Download his app in the iTunes app store and go to the website below, it is very impressive.




Shoes Shaking up Morals

Kanye West is always in the media. His Red October shoes have been driving the internet crazy for the past year. Now Kanye is signed with Adidas, but his Nike shoes are still the hottest on the market. People typically spend anywhere from $50-$150 on shoes, but the Kanye shoes on the other hand go for up to $5,000 on the internet. It is wild.

These guys did a little experiment to see how people would act if they saw a homeless looking man asleep with a pair of Yeezy shoes next to him. Check out their reaction to The Yeezy Experiment.

Better Late Than Never: Sasquatch Music Festival Recap

I’m sitting here in my office, daydreaming about the best weekend of my life. That weekend was Sasquatch. Going into the festival everybody talked about how great the venue is, and how amazing it is to spend the weekend camping with concerts all day.

My Top 10 Shows at Sasquatch

10. De La Soul – It was a fun show to see some of the founding fathers of hip hop. It was a solid show to start the weekend.

9. Hannibal Burress – Sunday night Hannibal came out and did a great comedy set. It was a nice change of pace from the crazy concerts. It was so fun to sit back, relax and listen to his hilarious jokes.

8. Cut Copy – They were really cool. It was my first time hearing them and I’m now a fan.

7. Kid Cudi – I saw Cudi right after he came out with his was first album and he was incredible. This time he was cool, but he has definitely gone in a different direction and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Still a pretty good but underwhelming.

6. Banks – She is going to make a splash in the music industry. Very impressive performance. She is very talented.

5. New Lungs – New Lungs is a cool young rock band from Seattle. They played the Narwhal stage on Saturday afternoon and they killed it. They had electric energy and sounded great. They were the one of the youngest bands in the entire festival, and it was very impressive. Their bass player Nick Emard is my good family friend and it was unreal to see him playing this festival. Hopefully they will be able to grow as a band.

4. Portugal the Man – These guys rock. The visuals were over the top. I want to go see them again ASAP.

3. Tyler, the Creator – Tyler is one of the most fun performers today. He has so much energy and the mosh pits are wild.

2. Chance the Rapper – One of the best shows I’ve seen. He only has two mix tapes out, and his popularity is snowballing but boy did Chance put on a show. He had the whole crowd going and he should have been on the main stage. The real show stopper was when he started doing the theme song from the kids TV show Arthur.

1. Outkast – After watching their weekend 1 Coachella set I was a little skeptical about Outkast and how they would be at Sasquatch. They proved me wrong. They were fantastic. They had one of the longest sets, and the visuals were incredible. It was fantastic, their Cube on stage was a lot cooler in person.


With all this being said, if you have the chance to go to Sasquatch, go and you won’t regret it.