Tactics Boardshop (Blog #20)

Tactics is a skate, surf and snowboard shop in Eugene, Oregon. They are a great company that sells over 300 brands in their store and online. The company was started in the late 90′s by some U of O students who just wanted to pay for their lift tickets to go up the mountain and snowboard for free.

I’m currently in a business management class BA 317 and we recently did a case study on the company. It was very interesting to learn about this local skate shop here in Eugene that does international business. Since some countries have high taxes, Tactics does lots of business internationally in places such as Canada, The United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, Norway and even Switzerland.

They have a cool store in Eugene that offers lots of great gear and a fantastic staff that knows about all the boards and can help outfit you with whatever you need. Check out their Eugene store if you’re ever in town 375 W 4th Ave., Eugene, OR, 97401 Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm or Sunday 12 noon-5pm or give them a call at 541.349.0087. If you aren’t in Eugene enjoy free shipping anywhere in the US at http://www.tactics.com.


Here are some pictures I took of their Eugene store. Taken with my iPhone 5s.


Tactics shoe wall

Tactics has lots of skate shoes.


They added a new area to display snowboards and snowboard apparel.

lots of gogglesTactics has a wide variety of snow goggles.

Illroots & Illamerica (Blog #19)

Illroots.com is my favorite website. It is a blog that is dedicated to keeping followers up to date with the latest news, music, fashion, and important events going on in the world. It was started by Mike Carson and Mike Waxx and the two have created a fantastic website. They are a dynamic duo that has done everything from organizing events in Chicago at the RSVP Gallery, to doing an event at South By Southwest SXSW in Austin, Texas called the Illmore.

They have made awesome music videos for artists such as Mac Miller, Schoolboy Q, Big Sean and many others. Their visuals are very unique and their video for Big Seans song Mula has over 2 million views.

To see more of their site check out Illroots


Follow Illroots Mike Carson and Mike Waxx  on Twitter and join the movement before the bandwagon is full.

They have created a great following and have over 32,000 followers on twitter and get thousand of site visits every day. Illroots recently created a clothing line called Illamerica, which has been very successful.

Illroots-Illamerica-New-CollectionHere is some of the Illamerica Clothing.

Check out the store at illamerica.com

Nike Taking Over Apps (Blog #18)

It’s no secret Nike is doing great things with their shoes and clothes, but they are now taking over mobile applications. Nike has been making apps for many of their different brands.


One of their newest apps is for Nike Skateboarding. Skateboarding is an individual sport, but Nike found a way to build a community around the sport and make it interactive. The app has how to videos that shows users how to do various tricks. It also allows users to post videos of them doing the tricks and makes them available for other skaters to view. It’s a great way to get skaters interacting. Nike is completely changing the game once again.





They also have applications for running that track how far you run. They are doing a great job of adding additional value to their products through these applications. Another key is the design. It is so clean and appealing that it makes users have an enjoyable experience and want to use the app more and more.

Apps are the future, and Nike is establishing themselves early as one of the pioneers and leaders in the clothing application game.

Columbia Sportswear is Oregon (Blog #17)

Columbia Sportswear is Oregon (Blog #17)

Oregon has birthed many great brands. Nike, Pendleton, and many other great companies have been founded here in this beautiful state, but no brand is more Oregon than Columbia Sportswear. The brand is perfect for every Oregonian, every situation and for anything you could possibly need. Sure it may not be as flashy as Nike, but Columbia is more rugged and helps prepare you more for the outdoors.

They are leaders and innovators and that is one of the keys for them being leaders in the outdoor gear industry.

Their motto is “Trying Stuff since 1938″ and this is very fitting. When you are trying to hike up Mt. Hood you need the Omni-Tech jacket that uses silver dots in the lining of the coat to make sure that you keep in all your body heat.

They also do cool advertisements. One of my personal favorite campaigns focused on Chairwoman Gert Boyle. She is one tough mother, and the campaign showed her off in a great way. It was a great use of using the face of the company in a great way. You never see Phil Knight in Nike ads these days, but Columbia threw Gert into their ads and it worked out great.


Check out Columbia’s latest winter gear here so you can be ready for the cold winter ahead. http://www.columbia.com

Enjoy some more Columbia ads as well.


Columbia ad

Childish Donald Glover (Blog #16)

Childish Donald Glover (Blog #16)

Donald Glover is a man who wears many hats. He acts in movies, tv shows, is a stand up comedian and now has established himself as a rapper. He even writes for the NBC hit show 30 Rock. The guy can do it all. This year Donald also released a self produced short film titled “Clapping For the Wrong Reason”.

Clapping For the Wrong Reason

Donald’s stand up comedy is also hilarious. He has performed across the country and has done specials on Comedy Central. He is able to use his genius across all the different platforms. I can not think of anybody with such a wide range of talent. Below is a quick bit from one of his Comedy Central specials, he has great presence on stage and is able to leave the audience in stitches.

Glover also loves the kids. He made a guest cameo as LMNOP on the famous Sesame Street. As already stated, his talent is unbelievable.

Last but not least, my favorite talent of Donald’s is his rapping. He goes by the name Childish Gambino and has established himself as one of the most talked about artists on the internet. His debut album Campfire was released on iTunes and was a great start for his musical career. He has also released a handful of mix tapes which are available for free download.

Odd Future Carnival (Blog #15)

Odd Future Carnival (Blog #15)

Music festivals have started to become a major part of the music industry. Usually these festivals are put on by big production companies, but the LA based Odd Future rap collective went a different route and put on a music festival in the form of a Carnival. Odd Future’s leader Tyler, The Creator has been making headlines ever since he released his first music video which he rapped and directed for his song Yonkers. Tyler has released two solo albums since his debut and has toured all around the world.

Odd Future is a Hip hop collective group that features 12 artists and their friends. They were able to sign with Sony Records, but make their own label called Odd Future Records so they have all the rights to their music and have full creative power.

kanye of


Tyler, The Creator and Kanye at the Odd Future Carnival Show

This carnival had a full array of rides, games and even a skate park for fans to enjoy. The day was filled with tons of activities then followed by a great line up of artists with Tyler and Grammy Award winning Frank Ocean headlining. One of the highlights of the Carnival was the guest appearance by Yeezus himself, Kanye West. Kanye surprised the crowd and came out to accompany Tyler for some songs and even did some fan favorites. This event sold tens out thousands of tickets and it is amazing to see young twenty year olds doing huge things in the music industry after only being known for a few years.

From Duck To Superhero (Blog #14)

From Duck To Superhero (Blog #14)

Oregon Kiko

The Oregon Ducks over the past 5 years have been one of the most talked about football programs in the country. Now former Duck linebacker Kiko Alonso is making headlines in the NFL. He is currently putting up great numbers for the Buffalo Bills on defense and has become a fan favorite. ESPN made this video earlier this week, and the rest is history, in the making.

Not many football players achieve a cult following like Kiko has. Twitter has exploded with tweets about Kiko. Chuck Norris had a following and people made jokes that complimented his accomplishments, and fans are now doing this for Kiko. Fans tweet different legends of him using #TheLegendofKikoAlonso and it has been going viral ever since. The fans across the country are amazed by his great work on the field and charmed by his kindness off the field since he has been known to help serve meals and volunteer all around Buffalo, New York.

I am Kiko

Hopefully Kiko will keep up the great work on and off the football field. It is fantastic to see players from the U of O do well in the NFL especially when they are making headlines for the right reasons. Let’s hope his legend continues and he has a long and healthy career.